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Interactions within SustainabilitySustainability at William & Mary is the dynamic interactions between society and the environment, operating in ways that improve the well-being of all. This recognizes the multiple dimensions of society, such as individual well-being, culture, livelihoods, economics, and governance.

A sustainable world is flourishing societies, individuals, economies and environments. Sustainability as a mindset recognizes the connectivity and intersectionality of the whole picture. It is a lens that can be applied to any topic.

Our focus is on the lens of sustainability, but we apply other lenses to our work as well. Entrepreneurial thinking is key to success in addressing sustainability challenges. To learn more about the tenants of entrepreneurial thinking to which we subscribe, please visit the Alan B. Miller Entrepreneurship Center

For more examples of sustainability that align with our direction and progress, please visit the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. For a look at how a similarly aligned perspective can be centered on your wellness, visit the 8 Dimensions of Wellness from the W&M Health & Wellness Department

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals