Recognized Student Organization Scheduling Lottery

FALL 2020 Recognized Student Organization Scheduling Lottery


Thank you for submitting a space request for Fall 2020. William & Mary’s intention is to resume in-person learning in the fall, so long as it is safe to do so. In a few weeks, W&M hopes to have more details about ways we can prepare for the upcoming academic year. Therefore, we are delaying sending official confirmations for space until we have better guidance from the President and the “Plan Ahead Teams”. If you have any questions about your request, please contact us at [[SUEevents]].


 RSO Lottery Questions
What is the Recognized Student Organization Scheduling Lottery (RSO Lottery)?
The RSO Lottery is a time for Recognized Student Organizations to request space on campus for the following semester.
What type of space can I request?
You can request space for weekly meetings, dances, lectures, outdoor activities, performances – any space (that is reserved through our office (pdf)) that you might need for your organization.
When can I participate in the RSO Scheduling Lottery?
The RSO Lottery will be open from 12:00am, March 30 through 11:59pm, April 12.  More information, along with the link to submit your Online Space Request Forms, will be posted on this page in the coming days.
Where can I find the Space Request Forms?
Space Request Forms are available online this year.  For planning purposes, you can access our Space Request Form (pdf) to determine all the information needed for your submission(s).  Do NOT use the paper Space Request Form to submit your request.  All requests must be submitted through the online link.
Do I have to have a date for my program/meeting before participating in the RSO Lottery?
Yes, the online form requires an event date, time, and location preference.  You may also submit alternate dates, times, and locations.
Can I turn in more than one event?
Absolutely! You have until 11:59pm, April 12, to submit any requests for your organization.
How do I receive my lottery number?

Rather than distribute numbers directly to the organization, we will use a random number generator to assign "lottery numbers" to each organization with submitted request(s).

When do I learn what space I have?
Confirmations are sent out to the contact listed in the online form on or before May 31.
What happens if I don't participate in the RSO Lottery?
All requests submitted after lottery will be scheduled AFTER May 18.
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Email Scheduling, [[SUEevents]] to learn more and ask any questions you may have!