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Framework for Leader Development and Organization Success

Standard File

The Framework for Leader Development and Organization Success was developed by the Office of Student Leadership Development to provide a way to look at leadership and engagement on campus.  This framework is comprised of two broad objectives: Leader Development and Organization Success.  Within each objective, we have identified elements that contribute to an individual or organization's progress towards the objective, ultimately leading to Positive Change.  The Office of Student Leadership Development is committed to identifying and providing opportunities for students and organizations to engage in experiences and activities that enhance their capacity within these various elements. 

Leader Development

Building knowledge and abilities that are beneficial to the individual

Definitions of Leader Development elements
Consciousness of Self
being aware of your beliefs, values, attitudes, strengths, emotions, and identities and understanding how they influence how you work with/lead others
Engaging Diverse Perspectives

actively listening to perspectives different than your own, active curiosity about different lived experiences, and sharing your own perspectives and experiences

Leadership Efficacy

believing that you will be successful when engaging in leadership

Emotional Intelligence

using emotional information to guide thinking and behavior and manage/adjust in order to adapt to environments

Challenge and Conflict
working through conflict and challenging situations to help self or team develop and improve
Critical Thinking and Reflection
analyzing and synthesizing situations/experiences in order to develop as a leader
Resilience and Persistence
navigating setbacks in a constructive manner and continuing to engage despite the challenges
Organization Success

Enhancing the capacity of teams to engage in collective work

Definitions of Organization Success elements
Purpose and Goals

articulating and committing to a mission that clarifies organization priorities and developing goals that identify key areas of focus/effort that forward the organization

Operational Skills

implementing effective and efficient operations which contribute to an organizations ability to work towards its objectives

Recruitment and Member Engagement

actively seeking out new members to grow and enhance the organization and providing an engaging membership experience

Collaboration and Partnerships

connecting with others around shared objectives, building relationships built on empowerment, trust, and accountability both within and beyond the organization

Self-Governance and Accountability

establishing operations and clearly defining expectations that support the organization’s purpose, and creating a culture where members help each other uphold the standards of the organization and community

Fostering Inclusion

creating a welcoming and caring community that embraces diverse people and perspectives; differences are celebrated within and beyond the group

Responsiveness and Innovation

using past experiences to evolve and meet the changing needs of members and the surrounding community

Wellness, Member Care, and Risk Reduction

creating conditions and environments where members can flourish physically, emotionally, and academically  

Positive Change

Affecting the causes, communities, and initiatives you care about