Leadership Programs

No Title Needed
The #NoTitleNeeded campaign, which runs throughout November, is designed to highlight the importance of leadership among students who selflessly contribute to their organizations and the William & Mary community to create positive change, even though they lack a formal title or position name.
Student Leadership Foundation

Student Leadership Foundation (SLF) is an intensive semester-long leadership program for Freshmen and Sophomore leaders on campus.  This program is designed to support rising campus leaders as they build a strong network with fellow leaders on campus.  The program includes community-building activities, guest speakers from around campus, and sessions devoted to personal leadership growth.  Participation is limited to approximately 20-25 students; these participants are selected through an application process.

Women in Leadership

The Women’s Leadership Program is an academic course in which participants can earn one credit. The goal of this course is to provide a forum for women to learn more about themselves as leaders, and to discuss individual and social issues faced by women as they seek to lead lives of meaning and purpose. Students meet with speakers from the College, its alumni, and the community to address these topics.  This course requires instructor approval. 

Elevating Your Personal Best

This program is designed for any William & Mary student interested in identifying and honing his or her leadership style. Using the Leadership Practices Inventory (Kouzes & Posner), participants will reflect upon their leadership patterns of behavior and identify opportunities to make changes in their approaches to leadership that will allow them to grow and develop into more effective leaders.  The Leadership Practices Inventory includes a self-assessment, as well as a 360-degree evaluation where peers and others can provide feedback.  Participants will discuss the results of their self-assessment and evaluations with a coach who will help the participant develop a personalized action plan.  The participants will be invited to attend workshops on the 5 Leadership Practices to further develop their leadership skills.