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Organization Budget Allocation Process

The purpose of the Organization Budget Allocation process is to support the activities and initiatives of Recognized Student Organizations which contribute to community development, diversified experiences, and enhanced student life at William & Mary.  This funding is allocated by the Student Assembly Organization Budget Allocation Committee throughout the year; organizations may submit budget requests on a quarterly basis, so long as the requests are made no later than the deadline preceding the anticipated event/activity.  This new process will be implemented for organization budget allocations starting with the 2022-2023 academic year; the first deadline is April 15, 2022 for events/activities in Fall 2022. 

Learn More About the Organization Budget Allocation Process

It is important that organization leaders take time to learn about the process and guidelines to ensure they are submitting their requests correctly and complying with all guidelines and expectations.

Information Sessions

Student Assembly and Student Leadership Development are hosting several information sessions throughout the remainder of the semester.  Check TribeLink Events for details:

Tuesday, March 22 @ 11am Wednesday, March 23 @ 5:30pm Thursday, March 24 @ 1pm
Monday, March 28 @ noon Wednesday, March 30 @ 3pm Friday, April 1 @ 3pm
Monday, April 4 @ 1pm Tuesday, April 5 @ 11am Wednesday, April 6 @ 5pm
Thursday, April 7 @ noon Friday, April 8 @ 11:30am Monday, April 11 @ noon
Tuesday, April 12 @ 2pm Wednesday, April 13 @ 11am
TribeLink How to Guide

This resource will walk organization leaders through the process of submitting their Budget Allocation Request through the TribeLink finance module.

Organization Budget Allocation Process - Important Information Handout

This resource will provide organization leaders with process details such as guidelines (approved and prohibited expenses, restrictions and limitations), expectations for organizations, and the timeline.


[[e|safinance, Student Assembly Finance]] can be contacted with any questions about the process or the guidelines.

[[tribelink, TribeLink]] can be contacted with any questions about navigating TribeLink to submit the organization budget allocation request.