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Noise Policy

No activity or event shall be scheduled for an unsuitable location, taking into account considerations of size, accommodations, traffic, noise, time, relationship to nearby area and activities, and other relevant facts and circumstances.

In consideration of recurring problems with noise to campus areas as well as surrounding residential area arising from events scheduled outdoors, amplification of music will be permitted only until dusk. Noise levels must be maintained at a reasonable level ( as determined by the Campus Police) or the event will be closed. Should a complaint be received regarding noise from an event, the Campus police will visit the site to make a determination on the noise level. If it is determined that it is too loud and creating a disturbance, the officer will direct that the level be lowered to a reasonable level. If the level intensifies and/or complaints continue even after the volume is lowered, the police officer has the authority to close the vent. Under any circumstances, all amplified music outdoors must end by dusk unless specific written permission has been granted in advance by the Director of Student Leadership Development.

Amplified music/voices or other sounds originating from within facilities on campus are subject to the same scrutiny as those as outdoor events. Campus Police officers and/or College staff will respond to complaints directly or by observation of excessive noise. Following an assessment of the situation which would include the volume level at approximately 75 feet from the facility, the officer or staff member may ask that the volume be lowered so as to minimize the disruption. If the group or individual fails to cooperate with the request, the officer or staff member may shut off the amplified music, voice, or sounds, and/or close the event. After normal ending times for social events, it is expected that any music/noise level will be dramatically lowered to the point that it would not disturb adjacent area. After an initial warning and request to bring the volume into an acceptable range, the Campus Police officers and/or College staff may direct that the music be turned off.