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Posting on Campus

The University Posting Policy reads as follows:

1. Recognized student organizations, departments and offices at W&M, and members of the university community may place posters on kiosks, bulletin boards, and other specifically designated areas around campus. (Posters shall be defined as signs, advertisements, announcements, and other informational devices.)

2. Posters may be placed on campus bulletin boards with the following provisions:

  • They may not exceed 14 inches by 22 inches in size.
  • They must carry the name of the sponsoring organization and the date (week) of posting.
  • Posters must be removed at the end of two weeks unless an extension is granted.
  • No advertisements offering paid for research may be posted on campus. The university reserves the right to remove information posted in violation of this regulation.

3. Banners and signs in excess of 14 inches by 22 inches in size must be approved by the appropriate scheduling authority prior to hanging and may be hung only in certain designated areas with the following provisions:

  • They must carry the name of the sponsoring organization.
  • Banners may be posted for no more than two weeks unless an extension has been granted by the appropriate scheduling authority.
  • Signs and banners which are hung near entryways must not obscure vision or entry, and should be securely fastened. Signs must be constructed of material that can withstand adverse weather conditions.

4. Banners, signs, or posters MAY NOT be posted or hung on trees, poles, walls, doors, windows, or fences without special permission. Unauthorized signs will be removed.

5. All signs, posters, and banners must conform to the Student Code of Conduct and to any applicable laws.