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Beginning Your Search

Use this list as a reference when you are ready to set up utilities, renter's insurance, and more

Let's start with the basics...below are some considerations to keep in mind when starting your apartment search.

off-campus basics information chart

As you begin your search it is important to be mindful of your expenses and how much you can afford to spend each month. Creating a budget can help you keep track of the coming and goings of your money. 

Renter's Insurance

Living on your own means making sure both you and your property are protected. Renter's insurance will often cover the cost of your personal property or belongings if they get damaged in an unexpected event. Most renter's insurance policies also include liability insurance which covers the costs of repair if you damage someone else's property and the cost of medicals bills if you or a guest is injured in your apartment.

We recommend that you contact your current insurance provider or visit the informational site below to examine your options.


Heat, water, and electricity are a basic necessity in today's world...however, they often cost extra. When looking at apartments, make sure you factor in the cost of these utilities into your monthly budget. Also keep in mind, service set-up and removal is often the renter's responsibility this can be done over the phone or online.