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Living Off-Campus

for when you decide to become a Historic Triangle resident ...

Students not required to live on-campus make the decision to live off-campus for a variety of reasons For some residing in a nearby apartment helps them to save money, while others choose to live off-campus to be more prepared to "adult" after graduation. Whatever your reason, we're here to help to the best of our ability!

Off-Campus Housing Search

Here are some resources to help with your off-campus apartment search:

Graduate students should also ask to be added to their department's listserv (e.g. School of Education, School of Business, VIMS, etc.). Often, departments will send out apartment listings in the Williamsburg community.

We also encourage students to talk with new classmates and/or their friends who already live off-campus. Many off-campus spaces/leased pass from student to student.  

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Two Year Campus Live on Requirement

Full time, first year freshman students are required to live in on-campus housing for their first two years. Students may be released from this housing requirement under certain circumstances. Learn more on the Residence Life website.

*The information provided above is intended to serve as an informational resource for students as they make their way off-campus. Offices, services, and/or programs noted above are not endorsed by W&M or the Office of Student Transition Engagement Programs.