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Human Subjects (PHSC)


The PHSC protocol form has a new Health & Safety section. It must be completed for all new protocols and all protocols involving in-person procedures.  In-person procedures include material and apparatus maintenance as well as data collection and analysis stages of research.

NTE Faculty may submit protocols to PHSC with the inclusion of a letter of support from his/her Department/Program chair.

NTE Faculty must "cc" Department/Program chair on the "Basic Info" page of the PHSC protocol form in the Protocol and Compliance Management system.

Note: If your protocol is for the School of Education, whether new, modification, or renewal of a previously approved protocol, please use the EDIRC form.

To request the Protection of Human Subjects Committee (PHSC) approval for a project, log in to the Protocol and Compliance Management System. The normal processing time for a protocol that does not require a convened meeting is approximately three to four weeks from the time of submission.

Generalizable Knowledge:  If the information collected by your project is to be kept in house (that is, not to be shared with the public), or it is collected for pedagogical reasons,( i.e., teaching purposes), it is not considered research by the committee thus does not require committee approval.

For questions about PHSC procedures or forms, please email [[researchcompliance]]

About PHSC

UPDATE: 2020 Edition of International Compilation of Human Research Standards

Financial Operations procedure for Paying Human Subjects

CITI on-line Compliance Training Programs

Completion of training is required of all PHSC members and PIs, staff, and students involved in human subjects research prior to the submission of a research protocol.  Please register your affiliation with "William & Mary". 

Once registered, please select the learner group to which you belong: AREA I: Humanities-PHSC, AREA II: Social & Behavioral Research-PHSC, AREA III: Biomedical Research Investigators-PHSC, School of Education/EDIRC or Charles Center Student IRB. 

PHSC requires Responsible Conduct of Research training modules to be completed before the protocol submission.  RCR, or Research Ethics, also is available by AREA of discipline so select one of the following training groups: AREA I Disciplines-Research Ethics (ID-68959), AREA II-Research Ethics (ID:68962), AREA III-Research Ethics (ID:68963). Additionally, Conflict of Interest Training should be completed as well.

Certificates of completion of these three training groups are required to be appended to the PHSC protocol submission.

For Committee Members

Federal Policy for the Protection of Human Subjects (45 CFR 46)
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