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The Global Education Office supports global education opportunities abroad and at W&M.

Interested in leading a study abroad program? Two ways to get involved:
Interested in proposing a new study abroad program?
Interested in participating in a program site review?

The deadline for applications to participate in a summer 2018 site review was in December 2017. Future invitations to participate will be posted here as well as announced through the WMDigest.

The Global Education Office (GEO) and the International Studies Advisory Committee (ISAC) review all summer programs on a rotating basis. In summer 2018, site visits are scheduled for W&M faculty-led summer programs in Cambridge, Beijing, Potsdam, and Prague.

The ISAC chooses a faculty-representative for each of the three-day intensive site visits. In making its selection, the ISAC weighs the following:

  • familiarity with summer study abroad programs (eg. having served as a Program Director to a different study abroad program, having served on one of the international committees) in order to have experience with the challenges of these types of programs;
  • regional /topical expertise related to the program destination or topic of study; and/or
  • linguistic proficiency, particularly for programs conducted largely in a language other than English

In order to provide a different perspective on the program, for programs closely connected to a particular academic department, reviewers are chosen from departments not affiliated with a specific program.

Flights and travel related expenses including food, taxis, entry fees, visas, and four nights of lodging are covered for the reviewer. Reviewers may choose to extend their stay or add destinations, with flight costs covered up to the amount of the original review itinerary.

Questions? Contact the chair of the ISAC, Prof. Carla Buck, or director of global education, Sylvia Mitterndorfer.

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