Short-Term Housing Options

Short-Term Housing
  • Stay in a hotel. Many local hotels offer rates for long stays that are cheaper than their short stay rates.
  • W&M Off-Campus Housing. Sublet an apartment, or rent an apartment for a short period of time. Students who live off campus, but who do not stay in Williamsburg for the summer, often rent out their rooms for the summer. Some of these options include furnishings (bed, etc.). There are also apartments that are rented by landlords on a monthly basis.
  • International Post-it List Serv. Emails go out to the international community on Thursdays. Some students use this to seek housing or advertise spaces.
  • Student Housing Facebook Group. A facebook group managed by W&M students. Requires a W&M email to join the group. Some students use this to seek housing or advertise spaces. (Note: This group is not affiliated with W&M and is provided for informational purposes only. The Reves Center does not endorse nor confirm the accuracy of its content).
Fall and Spring Break

All residence halls remain open for fall break and spring break.

Thanksgiving Break

During the Thanksgiving break in November, all Residence Halls will remain open. See Residence Life for details.

Winter Break

The residence halls, with the exception of Tribe Square and the Graduate Complex, are not open for occupancy during the longer winter break. W&M undergraduate residence halls close after exams and for some holidays. International students living in the dorms and continuing their studies at W&M in the spring are eligible to apply for winter break housing at no extra cost. To inquire, [[globe, contact]] the Reves Center. Students are encouraged to plan ahead and make alternative arrangements during semester breaks.

Summer Housing Options
  • Graduate Students. Some graduate students may be eligible to apply for summer housing before their classes begin. Summer graduate housing is also sometimes available for graduate students the summer after they have graduated. See Residence Life for details.
  • Undergraduate Students. Undergraduate students who are on campus doing research or attending summer session may be eligible to apply for summer housing. However, there is often a housing gap for undergraduates between the end of the spring semester and the start of summer session, as undergraduate residence halls typically close for several weeks for deep cleaning and repairs. New undergraduate international students must wait for the start of international orientation to move into on-campus housing. See above for short-term housing options.
Storage Options

Residence Life does not offer on-campus storage options for students. They recommend students to use local storage companies.