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Missing Transfer Credits

When credits are not showing up on your transfer credit evaluation

There are four main reasons why courses may be missing on your William & Mary transcript:

  1. Courses are under evaluation (see below)
  2. Supplementary materials are required for evaluation (see below)
  3. The final or an official transcript has not been received (see below)
  4. The course is not transferable (see below)

Courses Under Evaluation by Departmental Transfer Credit Evaluators (TCE)

When a course description does not have a clear equivalent, the TCC refers it to the departmental TCE.  This additional review takes time, especially during summer months.  You will receive notification from the TCC about courses that are under departmental evaluation via your W&M email account.

Supplementary Materials Required

Courses of a special nature, such as Freshman Seminars, Honors, Interdisciplinary, Independent Study courses, almost always require submission of course syllabi, tests and other materials that give detailed content information. You will be notified via your W&M email account if supplementary materials need to be submitted.

Final or Official Transcript Has Not Been Received

Whenever an entire semester of course work is missing from the W&M transcript, it is obvious that the final transcript had not been received by the time the initial transfer credit was posted. If additional credits have not appeared within one week prior to New Student Orientation, please contact your transfer institution to find out where the final transcript was sent before you contact the TCC to check on the status of your evaluation.

Please keep in mind that hundreds of transfer courses are evaluated on an ongoing basis throughout the entire year, not only for newly admitted students, but also for current W&M students seeking to transfer courses from other institutions. While the TCC will work diligently to have newly approved transfer credits posted to the transcript, it would not be reasonable to assume that transfer credits will be posted immediately.

Course Is Not Transferable

Despite the best efforts of the TCC, there are unfortunate instances when courses do not transfer to W&M. Aside from correspondence, and other non-traditional courses, there are other types of courses that do not transfer to W&M, which include:

  • Courses that are below introductory level W&M courses such as Algebra and Basic Math, Basic Writing, Introduction to Business
  • Courses with grades below a 'C'
  • Courses in professional, vocational or sectarian religious study programs
  • Courses offered through departments or programs that are not available at W&M, such as Journalism, Engineering or Nursing
  • Study skills, orientation, ESL and certain credits granted for Military service/experience
  • Credits granted for Varsity sports participation or through credit by examination
  • Foreign language courses will not transfer if the equivalent courses were completed in high school, except for level III, in which case 201 may be repeated. College level language courses equate to high school courses in the following manner: German 101= German I , German 102 = German II, German 201 = German III, German 202 = German IV.

Therefore, if German III was successfully completed in high school and German 102, 201 and 202 were required at the transfer institution, only the German 201 and 202 courses would transfer. Native speakers of a foreign language, who take courses at the 101 through 202 level of their language, will not be eligible to receive transfer credit.