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Transfer Credit Evaluation

How are courses evaluated?

Transfer credit evaluations at William & Mary are based on a careful review of course descriptions for all of the courses completed by the transfer student at the prior institution.  The [[transfercredit,Transfer Services Coordinator]] (TSC) in the Office of the University Registrar shepherds this process. 

In accordance with guidelines established by each department, the TSC considers course level, prerequisites and other information to determine transferability. The TSC may consult the departmental Transfer Credit Evaluators (TCE) for some courses.  Transfer Credit Evaluators are faculty members with extensive knowledge of the departmental curriculum and requirements.

Note that grades do not transfer; only credits are awarded for prior college work or examination scores.  All credits earned through transfer will show a grade of "T," which does not figure into the W&M grade point average.

After all courses have been evaluated, they are applied to the student transcript, where they can be viewed through Banner Self-Service.

Transfer courses are given one of three designations: W&M equivalency, W&M elective, or Academic Elective credit (only applicable for VA Community College and Richard Bland transfers).

W&M Equivalent Credit

Courses will be granted W&M equivalent credit when they are considered to be close matches to courses currently offered at the university. These courses can be applied toward proficiencies, the College Curriculum Requirements (COLL), major and minor requirements - ONLY for courses that are taken prior to matriculation at W&M.

W&M Elective Credit

W&M elective credit is granted to courses that are transferable, but, not currently offered at the university. Elective credits appear on the transcript record with an assigned departmental designation (eg. RELG, PSYC) and the course level remains consistent with the transfer institution. Therefore, a 300-level Religion course would receive the W&M elective designation of RELG 3XX. In contrast to W&M equivalent courses, elective courses cannot be applied toward proficiencies, COLLs, major or minor requirements.

Academic Elective Credit

Academic Elective credit is awarded only to transfers from VA Community Colleges and Richard Bland College whose final official transcript shows the awarding of an Associate's degree and are in need of supplementary credits in order to obtain junior standing (54 credits). These credits receive the designation of 'ACEL' on the official transcript and they can only be utilized toward the 120 credits necessary for graduation. If the final transcript does not reflect completion of an Associate's degree, then the student is not guaranteed the 54 credits, and ACEL credit will not be applied.

Virginia Community College System & Richard Bland College
COLL Curriculum Rules and Requirements for Incoming Transfer Students

These rules and requirements apply to all transfer students in the Class of 2019 or later.

Credit for Military Training

Students with prior service in the Armed Forces of the United States may present the Joint Services Transcript or other documentation to the Office of the University Registrar. Equivalencies to W&M courses rarely exist, but where they do, credit may be granted with departmental approval.  The ACE Guide will be consulted, but its recommendations do not automatically apply.