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Registration Overrides

Course instructors may grant overrides to allow students to enroll in courses that have pre-requisites not met by the student, instructor permission required, met and/or exceeded capacity, etc. The information below will assist you in providing the override for the student. Please note that this override only grants the student permission to add the course. The student must register himself/herself via Banner Self Service. The override does not enroll the student in the course.

Processing Registration Overrides

Go to myW&M, click the Banner button and login with your W&M Username and password.

Select Faculty > Registration Overrides

You will be prompted for a term. Chose the applicable term from the drop down box, and then select Submit.

Enter the ID (Banner ID, which begins with "93") of the student for whom you wish to provide an override, and select Submit. Once you have submitted the override you will need to confirm that the student you selected is the student for whom you want to provide an override.

If you do not have the student's ID, you may use the search section to search for the student by name. Please note that the name in Banner is the student's legal name. You may find it difficult to search for a student based on the information provided to you by the student (i.e. Elizabeth Ariel Smith provides you her name as Beth Smith). Therefore, it is easier to request the Student ID from the student.

You are now on the Faculty Registration Permits/Overrides Worksheet. The student’s name shows at the top. In the middle you will see a grid in which to select an override and a CRN. Below the grid you will see the overrides that the student has been given for the term and the student’s current course schedule for the term. (You will need to move down the page to view the student’s term information).

You must now select the type of override you want to give to the student. As an instructor, you will use one of the following overrides:

  • Instructor Permission: Overrides Links, Co-requisites, Pre-requisites, Special Approval, Major, College, Level, Class, Degree, and Program restrictions. It will not give the student permission to enter a closed course.
  • Maximum Capacity: ONLY overrides the maximum capacity of a course—closed course.

Note: If you want to give the student permission to enter your course that requires instructor permission, AND the course is closed, you would need to select both the Instructor and the Maximum Capacity override.

Note: For courses requiring both an Instructor and Maximum Capacity override, you may grant both on the same worksheet session for the student selected.

Select the course you wish to provide an override for. Use the drop down box to select the course.

Note: ONLY courses for which you are listed as the primary instructor will appear in the drop down box. You are only allowed to assign permissions for those courses in which you are listed as the primary instructor.

Now select Submit. You will be given a summary of the override you just provided for the student. You must confirm this override by selecting the Submit button. You will now be back on the Faculty Registration Permits/Overrides Worksheet, and you will see the following statement: The registration overrides you entered have been saved successfully. The student must now register for the class.

Note: The Registration Override does NOT register the student. The override allows the student to bypass the registration error.

To select another student, use the Return to ID Selection to give another student an override link in the middle of the page. After you have entered a new ID, you will be directed to the Student Menu. Please select Registration Overrides to continue. Perform the same procedures outlined above to select the type of override you wish to grant the student.

After you have submitted all permissions that you wish to process, click LOGOUT at the top right of the page to exit Banner Self Service.

Congratulations! You have completed Registration Overrides.

Need help?

If you have additional questions or need assistance, please contact the Office of the University Registrar at 757-221-2800, or IT Support at (757) 221-HELP.