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Registration Overrides

Course instructors may grant overrides to allow students to enroll in courses that have pre-requisites not met by the student, instructor permission required, etc. The information below will assist you in providing the override for the student. Please note that this override only grants the student permission to add the course. The student must register themselves via PATH. The override does not enroll the student in the course. Only the primary instructor of the course can award course overrides. 

Quick start PDF

A general navigation PDF is available as a quick view outlining the process. More detailed steps are listed below.

Step-by-step Instructions
Part 1: Get Started
  • Go to myW&M, click the Banner button, and log in with your W&M Username and password.
  • Select Faculty > Banner 9 Registration Overrides.
Part 2: Search and Select the Student
  • Select the applicable term from the drop-down box.
  • Enter the ID (Banner ID, which begins with "93") of the student for whom you wish to provide an override and select the "Submit" button.
    • If you do not have the student's ID, you may use the search section to search for the student by name. Enter the last name in the "Last Name" box and the first name in the "First Name" box. The last name/first name search is case-insensitive and will accept partial names.
    • Please note that the name in Banner 9 Registration Overrides is currently the student's legal name. You may find it difficult to search for a student based on the information provided to you by the student (i.e. Elizabeth Ariel Smith provides you her name as Beth Smith). Therefore, it is easier to request the Student ID from the student.
  • After clicking the "Submit" button, search results will appear below. Use your cursor to click on the student you wish to provide an override. Once selecting a student, Banner will automatically direct you to the page to award the override(s).
    • If a student has course registration for the selected term, you will be able to view it in the "Information for [Student Name]" section at the bottom of the overrides page. Use the ^ on the right side of the page to toggle between summary and detail views of the student schedule. If a student does not have a course registration for the term, details will not appear.
Part 3: Award the Override(s)
  • Select the type of override you wish to award from the drop-down menu. See override types below for more information.
  • Select the course the override is for from the drop-down menu. Note that ONLY courses for which you are listed as the primary instructor will appear in the drop-down box.
  • Click on " + Add Override " if you need to award multiple overrides to the student.
  • Click the "Submit" button to award the overrides.
  • A "Save Successful" message will appear in the top right corner if your override was saved. The override will also appear in the "Current Student Overrides" section in the middle of the page. 
    • Awarded overrides do not register the student. Please contact the student to let them know you have awarded an override and that they need to log in to PATH to register for the course themselves.
  • You can select a new student by clicking the " < Back to ID Selection " link.


Additional Resources 
Types of Overrides Available to Faculty
  • Instructor Override: Overrides Pre-requisites, Special Approval, Major, College, Level, Class, Degree, and Program restrictions. It will not give the student permission to enter a closed course.
  • COLINK: Overrides links and co-requisites
Common Error Messages
  • "The person you have entered is not a student for the selected term."
    • Confirm that you have entered the 93# correctly and that you have selected the correct term. If both are correct, confirm with the student that they are active for the term.
  • "There are no active students registered in your assigned courses or assigned as your advisees."
    • This message may be related to a legal first and last name being swapped in the search fields, or when selecting a wrong term. Confirm that you have entered the legal first and last name in the correct search fields, and have selected the correct term.


Need help?

If you have additional questions or need assistance, please contact the Office of the University Registrar at [[w|registrar]] or (757) 221-2800, or IT Support at (757) 221-HELP.