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Procedures for Entering Grades in Banner 8

For faculty teaching Law School Anonymously Graded Courses ONLY

Procedures for Entering Grades in Banner 8
  1. Go to myW&M, click the Banner button, and log in with your W&M Username and password.
  2. Select the Faculty Services tab.
  3. Select the Final Grades* link for Banner 8. (To enter grades in Banner 9 select the Banner 9 Grading link and follow these procedures.)
  4. Select the appropriate term and click Submit.
  5. Select the appropriate CRN (Course Reference Number) and click Submit.
  6. Select the appropriate Grade for each student and click Submit.
  7. To grade another course, click the CRN Selection link at the bottom of the page. After selecting the next CRN, you will be returned to the Faculty Services Menu. Click on Final Grades and submit an appropriate grade for each student, then click Submit.

*Only primary instructors may submit grades. Non-primary instructors may view the final grades submitted through the Final Grades link.

Final Grade Worksheet

The Final Grade page for the CRN you selected will display. Using the pull-down box, select the appropriate letter grade for the student. You can also tab to the grade field and key in the letter grade. For instance, press the B key on your computer's keyboard once for B, twice for B+, three times for B-.

  • Security Timeout: Your Banner Self Service session will terminate after 15 minutes of inactivity (i.e. if you have not clicked the submit button). Any information that you entered but did not submit will be lost. It is recommended that you click the submit button often to avoid losing your work.
  • Please enter only the grade earned by the student.
  • You should not enter any information in the columns titled "Last Attend Date" or "Attend Hours."
  • Graduating students are identified on the Final Grade page with the graduation year in the "Attend Hours" column. Students with a blank field in the "Attend Hours" column are not graduating in the term selected.
  • Students who have withdrawn will have a W, in the grade field and the column entitled "Rolled" indicator will display a "Y". Once a grade has been rolled, it may not be changed in Banner Self Service. You must contact the Registrar's Office in order to change the grade.
Submit Grades - Always click Submit!

When you have entered grades in the record set displayed, click the submit button at the bottom of the page. The Final Grade page will re-display. At this time, you may wish to review and print the page for your records. Simply click on your browser's print button. If you need to make changes or corrections, do so and then re-click the submit button.

Important! When submitting grades on the first record set (1-50), the following message may display: "THE CHANGES YOU MADE WERE SAVED SUCCESSFULLY." This message will NOT display on any additional record set(s) and may not display on subsequent entries in the first record set. However, your grades have been submitted. You may confirm this by leaving the course and returning to it from the faculty menu. The grades you entered will display if they were submitted successfully.

Only 50 students display per page. For example, a class of 104 students will show the following links:

Record Sets: 1-50 | 51-100 | 100-104

  • To select the next page, please click on the link(s) located at either the top or the bottom of the page.
  • To select another CRN, use the CRN Selection link at the bottom of the page. After selecting the next CRN, you will be returned to the Faculty Services Menu and will need to click on Final Grades which will display the Final Grade Worksheet for the new CRN you selected. Repeat the steps above.
  • After you have submitted all grades that you wish to process, click Logout at the top right of the page to end your session. For security reasons, immediately close your browser. Congratulations! You have completed the Final Grade Entry process on Banner Self Service.
Careful with the RESET button

Use the RESET button with care. Clicking RESET will clear all grades that have not yet been submitted. If you wish to remove or change a grade after it has been submitted, you must use the drop-down box and select NONE or the new grade, then click SUBMIT.