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Whom to Ask

We're here to help you.

Our staff is a team of dedicated specialists, here to help you. Don't hesitate to reach out and ask us.

Staff Member:
General Questions [[registrar,Customer Service Rep]]  (757) 221-2800
Ad Hoc Room Scheduling Virtual EMS  
Domicile [[domicile,Kisha Thompson]]  (757) 221-2815
Degree Audit/Graduation [[degreeaudit,Wendy Urbano]]  (757) 221-2807
Enrollment Verifications [[registrar,Customer Service Rep]]  (757) 221-2800
Grade Changes

[[grades,Grades Staff]]

 (757) 221-2800
Ordering Transcripts [[transcripts, Transcript Staff]]

(757) 221-2800

(press 5 to speak with CSR)

Registration [[registrar,Customer Service Rep]] (757) 221-2800
Room Scheduling [[lefosque,Laura Zimmer]] (757) 221-2818
Time Tickets Joanne Taylor (757) 221-2808
Transfer Credit [[transfercredit,Liz Daube]] (757) 221-2823
Veterans Benefits [[vabenefits, Carolyn A. Ward]] (757) 221-2893

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