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Banner 9 Grading

Banner 9 Faculty Grade Entry

Faculty Grade Entry in Banner 9 is best accessed through Chrome, Safari, or Firefox browsers. Duo is required to access Banner 9. 

The three steps below outline how to log in and open Banner 9 Faculty Grading, how to search for the course you wish to grade, and how to enter grades manually or by importing a roster.

Step one: Access Banner 9 Grade Entry via myW&M
  • Go to myW&M, click the Banner icon, and log in with your W&M Username and password
  • Select the Faculty Services tab
  • Select the Banner 9 Final Grades link
Step 2: Find the Course You Wish to Grade
  • In Banner 9 Faculty Grade Entry, select the "Final Grades" tab
  • In the search box on the right side, enter a specific CRN or term to find the correct course
  • You can also click on the "Term" header to organize your courses by term and bring the most recent terms to the top of the list
  • Click on the course to open the roster for gradingSearching for the Fall 2021 term in Banner 9 Final Grades tab
Step 3: Grade Your Course
  • Step-by-step instructions (pdf) are available and explain how to manually enter grades or import a class roster of grades
  • Video tutorials are available below and explain how to manually enter grades or import a class roster of grades 
Video Tutorials
How to Enter Grades Manually into Banner 9

{{youtube:large|kZ53LjTCGwo, Entering grades manually into Banner 9}}

How to Import a Grade Roster into Banner 9

{{youtube:large|5H9dUlqit94, Importing a grade roster into Banner 9}}


Please contact [[w|grades]] if you have questions.