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Email Accounts for Recognized Student Organizations

Note: While "people" student email and calendars services have migrated from Gmail to Microsoft Office 365 Email, student organization email addresses were not changed in this phase of the transition. To learn more about this project and the reasoning behind it, please visit the Gmail & Calendar Transition to Office 365 announcement page.
New Accounts

Student organization email addresses are provided through Google Workspace.  To get an email account set-up you must first be a recognized student organization.  The recognition process is managed by Student Leadership Development.  Once that process is complete, your organization will be able to set up an organization email address. 

After you have completed the recognition process, you will activate the organization’s account credentials (user ID and password); a user ID will be generated for the new organization and you will set-up the password, following the instructions provided to you.  Using these credentials, you can access the Google Workspace email account for the organization via the Google Workspace icon on myW&M.

In summary:

PLEASE NOTE:  Because Google Workspace email now uses CAS Single Sign-On, you may automatically be routed to your personal email box, instead of the inbox for the student organization - meaning you have a CAS session open.  You can work around this by using a separate browser to access the organization account or by closing (and quitting!) your current browser. 
Learn more about CAS

Passwords for Existing Accounts

Passwords to the student org accounts will need to be updated annually (this applies to the email account as well.)  The current password is then passed from one leadership team to the next.  However, we know that there can be issues with this process and you may need help accessing the organization's email account.  To request access, contact Student Leadership Development via email at [[leadership]].

For questions about a specific student organization's email account, contact Student Leadership Development at [[leadership]]

For all other email-related questions, contact the Technology Support Center at [[support]], 757-221-4357.