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Request an Account

You must have a W&M Username to request or renew an HPC account. External collaborators must first be sponsored for and obtain an affiliate W&M Username.

William & Mary (including VIMS) faculty, staff, and students with computation- or data-intensive applications from any discipline are welcome to apply for accounts on the university's centrally-administered HPC clusters (SciClone and Chesapeake), which are both available at no cost to any member of the William & Mary community with a legitimate need for their services. A single account provides access to both clusters.

These clusters may also be made available on a case-by-case basis to external collaborators of W&M faculty, staff, and students, or to other academic users who are developing software tools or conducting research of direct interest to the W&M HPC community. Due to software licensing restrictions, we are generally unable to satisfy requests from industrial or commercial users.

Graduating students and external collaborators

Graduating students and relocating post-docs and other collaborators are encouraged to visit: to determine when their account will expire.  Once your W&M account expires, you will need to have your W&M advisor request an affiliate W&M Username in order to continue using HPC services.

Account-sharing prohibited!

Accounts are for individual use only, for the purposes you indicate on your account request form. Usage of W&M HPC systems is governed by W&M's Acceptable Use Policies for faculty/staff and students, and sharing of accounts or credentials is strictly prohibited. Users found doing this are subject to having their account disabled, and possible further disciplinary action. Please contact the HPC group if you need assistance sharing files between accounts.

Account renewal, expiration, and deletion

Most accounts have an associated expiration date which is either the end of exams or the date specified on the user's Account Request/Renewal Form. You can check your expiration date while logged in with the command chage -l $USER | grep 't e'. An email notice will be sent to the user approximately two weeks before his/her account is set to expire. Accounts can be renewed if need be by submitting a new account request. If an account is not renewed before the expiration date, it will be disabled automatically upon expiration.

All files belonging to expired accounts are subject to deletion after a short grace period (30-day minimum). It is the user's responsibility to preserve any necessary files by copying them elsewhere before the account expires. An account which has expired may be reactivated by submitting a new Account Request, but files previously associated with the account may no longer exist if the grace period has passed.