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Get Help with HPC

Note: this information is specific to Information Technology's high-performance/scientific/supercomputing group. For prompt attention, non-HPC issues (e.g. with email, Banner, or websites) must be addressed to [[w|support]] or 757-221-4357 (1-HELP).

Questions, problems, or trouble reports: Open a ticket via the HPC Help Desk or send email to [[w|hpc-help]].  

Urgent problems: Call Eric Walter (757-221-1886) or Jay Kanukurthy (757-221-2762).

Application Support: For assistance with software installation, programming support, performance tuning, or debugging, file a request with the HPC Help Desk or send email to [[w|hpc-help]]. We can't always accommodate every request, but we will try to be as helpful as we can.

Because the HPC systems are regarded as research (rather than production) facilities, HPC support is normally available only during regular business hours.

When reporting problems, please provide as much relevant information as possible. This should include the following, as appropriate:

  • date and time when the problem occurred
  • node(s) or server(s) involved
  • text of the command(s) which you issued
  • exact and complete text of any error messages which were generated
  • source code and/or Makefiles which demonstrate the problem
  • any other information which may help in identifying or resolving the problem