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Purchases Requiring IT Approval

Regardless of funding source, seek consultation and approval from William & Mary Information Technology on any of the following technology purchases (list below) by submitting a request.

Desktop, Laptop Purchases

Desktop and laptop purchases require review and approval by IT.  IT will evaluate the need and make recommendations about standard models that IT will support.

IT will not approve requests for non-standard models.  In the case where a specialized application recommends a non-standard model, IT will work with the requester to evaluate the request.

Computer purchasing guidance
Buy a Computer
Lease a Computer - Equipment Service Program (ESP)

Telecommunications Equipment

IT requires review of purchase requests for IP desk phones. 

Projectors, Flat Screen Displays and other Audio Visual Technologies
IT requires review of purchase requests for projectors or wall mounted flat screen displays.  Maintenance and support will not be provided by IT for individual purchases. However, our goal is to ensure W&M is purchasing quality products. Technicians are available for consultation regarding products and support options provided by local vendors.

All printer and copier purchases must be reviewed by IT for issues related to support and functionality.  Note: IT does not allow wireless printers on the university network because they cannot make an encrypted connection.


All server-level computers must be reviewed by IT prior to procurement.

Software & Data Services

All non-standard or specialized software for desktop, server or enterprise level use must be reviewed by IT regardless of cost or source of funds.  

The following standard products provided by IT may be purchased or used without IT review:

  • W&M Discounted Software: IT offers Microsoft, Adobe, and other software to faculty/staff on college-owned machines at reduced prices.
  • W&M Licensed Software:  Other licensed and open source software products are also available to faculty/staff.

Buying data?  All data services/subscriptions need to be reviewed prior to procurement. In many cases, these services have special access requirements or the data may be used to populate university systems.

Consulting Services

Outside Services Coming to W&M
 All technology consulting services must be approved by IT because access to the network and university data or systems may be required.

Consultation Provided by W&M IT
On request, IT will meet with any department or unit to provide advice on purchase, support, licensing and warranty options. 

Storage Solutions

IT requires review of purchase requests for storage solutions.

Technology consulting services

IT requires review of purchase requests for technology consulting services.

Web services and hosting - including marketing

IT requires review of purchase requests for web services and hosting.

Enterprise & software renewals (approval required annually)

IT requires review of purchase requests for enterprise and software renewals. Approval is required annually. 

Items Exempt from Approval

The following list is a broad guideline to items previously not requiring IT approval. However, you are encouraged to contact IT if you have questions.

  • Digital cameras (point & shoot, DSLR, camcorders)
  • USB storage drives (flash drives, external HDD's)
  • Accessories (keyboards, mice, cases, cables, covers, Bluetooth/USB headsets)
  • USB Webcams (Network cameras must be submitted for approval)

Please note: All technology purchases must be made through a reputable reseller. Amazon is not recommended for technology purchases due to highs rate of fraud and counterfeit items being sold by resellers within Amazon. We recommended you use B&H, SHI (SWaM vendor), GovConnection, CDWG, Dell or Apple. 

Questions? Contact the Technology Support Center (TSC)
757-221-4357 (HELP) | [[support]] | Jones 201, Monday - Friday, 8:00 am - 5:00 pm