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Teams Calls Training

Here is a collection of videos, documents, and other resources to make your transition to Teams Calls successful.  You can pick and choose your topic from the list below or watch a comprehensive playlist of selected topics.  

On-Demand Phone System Training
PDF Handout
Introduction to Teams Calling- Playlist Video

1. What is Teams (1:10)

Accessing Teams and Status

See Equipment Training section below 

2. Teams Calls - Why we're converting (1:24)

3. Equipment / Headsets Overview (1:27)

4. How to Access Teams (0:56)

Calling Features- Playlist Video

1. Launching Teams and Starting Calls on Windows and Mac (1:29)

Manage Teams Calling Features

Accessing Teams and Status

2. Selecting audio devices (1:10)

3. Making a Test Call (1:44)

4. Voicemail Setup Greeting (4:14)

5. Teams Settings (7:45)

6. Speed Dial and Contacts (1:02)

7. Call History and Voicemail (4:34)

Call Handling- Playlist Video 

1. Making your first Call (2:52)

Accessing Teams and Status

2. Receiving Calls and Options (2:48)

3. Status & Call Handling (4:14)

Call Queues- Playlist Video

1. Intro to Call Queues (0:52)

Call Queues (Phone Groups) 

2. Working within a Call Queue (2:13)

Mobile App Features- Playlist Video

1. Mobile App- Setting Up Your Mobile Device for Teams Calls (1:22)

 Using Teams Mobile App

2. Mobile App- How to Make a Call on the Teams Mobile App (4:19)

3. Mobile App- Setting Up Your Notifications and Settings (4:38)

Privacy and Legal Notice (Video - 0:38)

Tips Directory (Video - 0:39)

Equipment Training
Poly Blackwire 3315 Poly Blackwire 3315 Poly Guide
Poly Blackwire 3325 Poly Blackwire 3325 Poly Guide 
Poly Voyager 4245 Poly Voyager 4245 Video tour How to Set-Up the
Poly Voyager 4245 
Poly Voyager Focus 2 Video tour How to Set-Up the
Poly Voyager Focus 2 
Audiocodes C455 IP Phone

Assembling the Phone (0:59)

Sign In Process (2:38)

Put a Call on Hold (0:22)

Transfer a Call (2:30)

Get Started (Set-Up and Usage Guide) 

See "Additional Resources" below for step-by-step set-up instructions

Audiocodes Guide


Additional Resources & Miscellaneous
911 Emergency Location Reporting 
Using Microsoft Teams (pdf) 
Desk Phone Set-Up Instructions 

Connect to power 

  1. Plug network cable into the wall and then into the yellow port on the phone.  
  2. Phone will initiate 
  3. Follow directions on the phone. 

Connect to Teams (for phones connected to user accounts)

  1. On your computer, go to 
  2. There will be a code on the phone screen. Enter that code into the box on the browser window. 
  3. Sign in to your W&M account 
  4. After you get the browser message about the "Microsoft Authentication Broker," your desk phone should load your Teams account. Give it a few seconds to complete loading. 
  5. HELP: at this point, IF your phone's screen begins restarting over and over, hold down the Hold key on the bottom right side of your phone keypad until the phone screen shows an "erasing" message. After it reboots, repeat the sign in steps. If you have more trouble the second time, contact [[support]]

Adjust Settings 

  1. Click the menu button on the phone 
  2. Scroll to Settings
  3. There are various other setting options that can be adjusted to your preferences

Your desk phone is ready to use!