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Caller ID

There are three ways that you might experience caller ID with your campus phone number:  

1. Calls from one campus number to another
  • Calls made from one campus number to another will display the name but not the phone extension belonging to that campus colleague. If you hover over a colleague’s name, you may see a phone number displayed, but it’s possible that phone number is not actually their personal extension. Phone numbers in that display are taken from the listings at and each campus office can set their own policy on what, if any, phone numbers are displayed there.  
  • You do not need an extension to call anyone in the W&M system in Teams – you only need to dial their name. These calls work for anyone logged into Teams, whether on or off campus.  
2. Outgoing calls from campus – the caller ID that other people see when you call them 
  • William & Mary has the same outgoing caller ID for all our lines: the caller will only see the phone number, or, possibly, “William & Mary.” We do not display any personal names or office names with calls that go off campus.  
  • Anyone you call can set their own saved contact entry for your phone number. When you call them, that saved entry will display on their screen. We cannot control that setting. If you are using a phone number that someone else on campus had previously, and you call someone who saved that entry, they will see whatever name they saved in the past. That is because they saved the name, not because we are sending that name as outgoing caller ID.  
3. Incoming calls from off campus  
  • You will see caller ID when you receive a call to your campus phone number. College IT does not control that incoming caller ID; it is set by the cell phone service provider. You might receive a call from a colleague or from a student, for example, and notice that the caller ID does not match the person who is trying to reach you. There may be complex reasons for why the caller ID doesn’t match the person who called you, but campus IT has no control over what is displayed with these non-campus phones. We only pass along the caller ID set by the cell provider (ie, Verizon, AT&T, etc).  
  • You can make a saved contact in Teams and put whatever name you want if that is useful to you. Click the triple dots next to the entry in your call history to save a contact with a custom name or use the Add Contact button under your Calls tab in Teams.