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Campus-Wide Power Outage

Uh oh... the lights went out. 

A campus-wide power outage will shut down all electrical systems abruptly.  Here's what you can expect from Information Technology systems during a power outage on the William & Mary campus.

When power goes out...
  • Desktop computers will stop working. If your computer is hooked-up to a UPS, you have about 10 minutes to shut down your computer safely.  (Note: a UPS is not designed to be a long-term power source.)
  • Laptops, mobile devices, and anything with a back-up battery will continue to work until the battery dies.
  • Phone lines and the network (both wired and wireless) will become inaccessible. Some buildings may have temporary access to phone and network services, depending on whether or not there is a generator/UPS for the building. 
  • IT software systems may still be available.  Many systems are located in the Cloud and would not be impacted by a campus power outage. On-campus software systems (such as Banner and the ID Card system) may still be available, but access to them could depend on the nature/duration of the power outage.  
When power is restored...
  • Many computers will have experienced an abrupt shutdown.  Let your computer do a full system repair, if it is requesting one. Otherwise, let your computer fully restart before opening files and applications.
  • IT systems may need to be rebooted.  This may cause a brief outage of services.
  • Classroom AV systems may need attention.  W&M IT's Classroom Support team will be visiting classrooms, working to restore normal operation as fast as possible. To alert IT to a specific classroom, please call 757-221-3011.  Response time may be a bit slower than usual.
  • Check the status of any reports/jobs that may have been running or scheduled to run during the outage.

IT-Related Questions? Contact the Technology Support Center (TSC)
757-221-4357 (HELP) | [[support]] | Jones 201, Monday - Friday, 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

All other questions related to power outages should be directed to the appropriate campus department.