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Excel ToolPaks

Activating and Deactivating ToolPaks in Excel

Because of performance concerns, not all Excel ToolPaks are enabled by default.  A good example of this are the Analysis and ChemDraw 13 ToolPaks. 

Fortunately, it is not difficult to enable or disable ToolPaks as necessary, and any user has the authority to do so.

Begin by choosing the green "File" menu in Excel.  On the left-hand column there, choose "Options" near the bottom of the list:

Choose options under the file tab

The "Excel Options" dialog box will appear.  In its left-hand column, choose the "Add-Ins" item near the bottom:

Choose add-ins in the left-hand column

At the bottom of this screen, note the "Manage: Excel Add-ins" and the "Go..." button next to it.  Click the "Go..." button to open the Add-Ins dialog box:

Choose specific add-ins by checking or unchecking them

In this dialog box, check and/or uncheck the applicable add-ins and click the "OK" button when you are done.  Your add-ins will be activated/deactivated as appropriate.  Activated add-ins will appear in various parts of the Excel ribbon.  For instance, the Analysis TookPak will present a "Data Analysis" item on the far right end of the "Data" ribbon in Excel.

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