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Gartner Access Now Available at W&M


W&M introduces Gartner’s Campus Access, offering students, faculty, and staff unlimited access to top-notch research on IT trends, vendors, products, and technologies. Gartner provides detailed technical insights, knowledge, and best practices to enhance initiatives and results, expedite project timelines, and reduce risk.

Full Description
What is Gartner?

Gartner is the leading provider of IT-related research, advice and analysis services, informing and supporting decision-making in higher education and other industry sectors. 

Through the Gartner Campus Access, all W&M students, faculty and staff have the capability to search for and access the latest Gartner research. This includes white papers, webinars and more on an array of technology-related topics, including information technology, administration, medical and healthcare programs, library sciences, industry trends and analysis.

Access the portal

Gartner is up-and-running! This portal offers access to research, analytics and insights that are current, accurate, impartial, objective and consistent.

Campus Access Highlights
  • Access to over 100,000 research documents, including Gartner Hype Cycles and Magic Quadrants
  • 5,000 new documents added each year
  • Access the Gartner web portal via Single Sign-On (SSO)
list of specific and special features
Specific features
  • Gartner provides comprehensive insight in areas including: 
    • Security & Risk Management
    • Identity & Privacy
    • Data Center
    • Network & Telecom
    • Data Management
    • Collaboration
    • Content Management
    • Application Platforms
  • Within these areas, Gartner provides documents and deliverables for all project phases including:
    • Planning Guides
    • Technology Assessments
    • Reference Architecture
    • Product Assessments
    • Guidance Framework
    • Field Research
Special features
  • Magic Quadrants: a series of research projects aimed at providing customers with a quantitative analysis into a particular market and its direction, maturity and participants.
  • Hype Cycles: graphic representations of the maturity and adoption of technologies and applications which help discern technology hype from what's actually viable.
  • Special Reports: time-sensitive research reports focused on key issues in technology.
  • Complimentary Research: regularly updated selections of cutting-edge research from Gartner analysts.
gartner benefits
Researchers, educators and staff
  • Plan courses that are relevant in business and IT
  • Access data and information to substantiate your research
  • Receive expert opinion when creating dissertations and research papers
  • Improve infrastructure, validate technology decisions, analyze trends in the industry
  • Offer materials that can complement lectures and seminars 
    • Empower yourself with IT trends and bring objective real-world examples and content into your classroom
    • Incorporate Gartner's best practices and data frameworks into educational curriculum
  • Understand and keep up to date on technologies and tools available
  • Easily find and access documents that enhance insight and understanding of a subject
  • Apply theory through real-life, market based analysis
  • Gain exposure to real-life business case studies, trends and expert opinions
  • Enhance practical understanding of how organizations have re-engineered their processes to increase revenues, reduce costs, improve operational effectiveness, and increase market share.
  • Tool for career services and employment placement
    • Identify each market's major players - they are your future employers!
Why should you be interested?
  • Real world technologies exist within every major. Gartner's research provides insights into how technology is utilized in specific industries, ensuring that you stay ahead of the curve.
  • Collect data and information to support class projects, research papers and presentations.
  • Investigate industry-specific business issues, emerging technologies and trends, and assess the health of companies.
  • Stay up-to-date on the latest technologies across various industries and learn how to effectively utilize them.
  • Gain access to current, objective research on technology, enhancing technological understanding for research in any domain.



Contact the Technology Support Center (TSC) 757-221-4357 (HELP) | | Jones 201, Monday - Friday, 8:00 am - 5:00 pm