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Program FAQs

Do I have to major integrative conservation in order to take Integrative Conservation classes?

No. You do not need to major or minor in Integrative Conservation to take courses or to participate in IIC student research programs. We encourage you to contact the IIC to explore what level and type of engagement in Integrative Conservation works for you.

I do not have a science background. Is Integrative Conservation a good study track for me?

Biodiversity conservation requires more than conservation biology or ecology. It relies on input and expertise from fields as diverse as business, economics, psychology, anthropology, sociology, fine and performing arts, and just about any other focus area. Integrative Conservation seeks to involve researchers and practitioners from diverse fields to advance biodiversity conservation.

Can courses that I complete during Study Abroad or Study Away count toward an Integrative Conservation major or minor?

There are many ecological and cross-cultural courses offered by W&M and non-W&M Study Abroad and Study Away programs that can be approved to count toward your major or minor in Integrative Conservation. Please consult with Professor Swaddle at [[jpswad]] before participating in a program, and refer to the Reves Center's guidelines for receiving credit from Study Abroad programs.

I am a transfer student. What steps do I take to declare a major or minor in Integrative Conservation?

Transfer students go through the same process as other students, but we need to determine what courses from your prior institution(s) might count toward your major or minor. Contact Professor Swaddle at [[jpswad]] to set up a meeting to discuss your transfer. 

How do I plan my degree in Integrative Conservation?

First declare your major or minor. Once you have declared, work out your plan with Professor Swaddle, and check in regularly with him to make sure you are on track. Utilize this form (pdf) to help your planning for the Integrative Conservation Major, or this form (pdf) to help your planning for the Integrative Conservation Minor.

What is DegreeWorks?

DegreeWorks is an audit that shows the requirements for your degree and whether or not they are complete. Students who are using DegreeWorks can run a "what-if" analysis. To run this analysis for the Integrative Conservation major, select "interdisciplinary studies" as the majore and then "integrative conservation" as the concentraion.