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IIC Conservation Stories Podcast: Exploring the Past, Present, and Future of the Linkages between Virginia Tribes and Natural and Cultural Resources in the Chesapeake Bay

Research Location: Williamsburg, VA, USA
Conservation Partner: W&M Parks Research Lab

Student Researcher
Anna Kashmanian ’20, Major:  Biology, Major: EnvironmentalScience
Faculty Mentor
Dr. Dorothy Ibes
Project Description

Applying science communication best practices, Anna worked with Professor Dorothy Ibes to develop the first season of the IIC's Conservation Stories Podcast focused on exploring the past, current and future connections of Virginia's Tribal Communities with environmental and cultural resources of the Chesapeake Bay, highlighting the importance of integrating ‘multiple ways of knowing’ in conservation.

The Conservation Stories Podcast expands a traditional understanding of conservation through storytelling that amplifies multiple ways of knowing. The podcast provide listeners with the knowledge and tools to contribute to conservation efforts, while engaging everyone in the local to global conservation dialogue. The first season of the podcast explores the past, current, and future linkages between Virginia Tribal Communities and the Chesapeake Bay's natural resources, ecosystems, and cultural resources, highlighting the importance of integrating "diverse ways of knowing" into conservation.

Listen to the Conservation Stories Podcast

Project ID - Format
20-001-20 - CRP Year