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Conservation Stories Podcast

Connecting listeners to nature through inspirational personal narratives from diverse voices in conservation

Housed at William & Mary’s Institute for Integrative Conservation (IIC) in Williamsburg, Virginia, the Conservation Stories podcast expands the traditional understanding of conservation through storytelling that amplifies multiple ways of knowing. Episodes provide listeners with the knowledge and tools to contribute to conservation efforts, while engaging them in the local to global conservation dialogue.

Produced by Anna Kashmanian '20 and Professor Dorothy Ibes

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Introduction to Conservation Stories Podcast.

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Episode 1
Episode 1: The Past

In the first episode of our first series, we speak with Pamunkey Tribal Member Ashley Spivey to understand the historical context of the Tribe’s relationship with natural and cultural resources. We learn how the Tribe’s mutually beneficial relationship with these resources has helped them persevere before, during, and after colonization.

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Episode 2
Episode 2: The Present

In Episode 2, we take a closer look at the Pamunkey Tribe’s dynamic and complex relationship with the American Shad. Dr. Troy Tuckey of the Virginia Institute of Marine Science joins us to explain the science behind the decline of this important fish species.

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Episode 3
Episode 3: The Future

On the final episode of the season, coastal policy expert Elizabeth Armistead Andrews teaches us how climate change and development are altering the Chesapeake Bay area - including the Pamunkey Tribe’s Reservation lands. Ashley Spivey shares her hope for the future of the Tribe.

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