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Institute for Integrative Conservation

Connecting academic innovation to conservation solutions

The Institute for Integrative Conservation at William & Mary is at the forefront of transformational research and education aimed at solving critical conservation issues that impact global biodiversity. 

Working closely with a network of conservation partners, the Institute integrates expertise from across disciplines and sectors, blends diverse knowledge systems, and fosters collaboration between academia, public and private sectors, Indigenous peoples, and local communities. The Institute functions as a bridge connecting William & Mary’s intellectual outputs to applied conservation research, enabling impactful conservation outcomes today, and training tomorrow’s conservation leaders.

The IIC offers a major in integrative conservation, supported by dedicated faculty specializing in conservation biology, environmental justice, social sciences, entrepreneurship, and applied technologies such as geographic information systems.

The Institute engages William & Mary faculty across schools and disciplines and collaborates with a large network of global conservation partners to mentor students annually in applied conservation research projects around the world.

Are you a Student Interested in Advancing Conservation Action? The 2023 Conservation Research Program Application Period starts in Sept 2022

The IIC will be seeking W&M undergraduate students with diverse perspectives, skillsets, and majors to work alongside external conservation partners and faculty mentors to complete applied conservation research projects in 2023. This opportunity is open to students of all majors graduating before Dec 2024. In this year-long program, students have the opportunity to advance integrative solutions to the world's most pressing challenges. Sign up for the IIC Listserv to receive updates and learn more about the program here.

Spend your summer listening to our Conservation Stories Podcast: Trailblazing Women in Conservation 

The second season of the IIC's Conservation Stories Podcast highlights the experiences, perspectives, and ideas of diverse women in conservation to raise awareness about the need for gender equity, and showcases an approach for breaking down barriers to gender equity in the field. Listen here.

Major in Integrative Conservation

The IIC is excited to announce that we have launched a new major in integrative conservation. Learn more here.

Sign up for the IIC Listserv

Join the IIC conservation network. We will be using this listserv to advertise events, programs, and opportunities for engagement. 

Introduction to the Institute for Integrative Conservation

{{youtube:large|rjVv7nBDc9U, The Institute for Integrative Conservation (IIC) will be at the forefront of transformational research and education to solve some of the most critical conservation issues our planet faces today. Learn more about how you can get involved in the IIC Network.}}

Past Events

Visit the IIC YouTube channel to see all of our recorded events and lectures.