What You Should Know


The College of William and Mary (CWM) uses a semi-monthly payroll calendar. Under this calendar your will receive 24 paychecks in a calendar year. Pay days are usually the 1st and 16th of each month.  When paydays fall on weekends or holidays, direct deposits are generally made the last workday before the regular pay date.  Employees that have yet to sign up for direct deposit will receive checks in the mail.  Checks are mailed the day before the payday. To review paydays please visit: http://www.wm.edu/offices/hr/currentemployees/paydates/index.php.


The College of William and Mary (CWM) follows the State’s pay days but not the holidays.  Employees receive 12 paid holidays per year.  However CWM shifts some holidays to the winter break (Christmas through New Year’s) to enable CWM to close during that period. To review the list of holidays please visit: http://www.wm.edu/offices/hr/currentemployees/paydates/index.php.

Web-Time Entry

Employees at the College of William and Mary (CWM) are expected to submit their timesheets online using Banner's Employee Self-Service (ESS). Employees use ESS to complete timesheets and check benefits and leave balances. You can access ESS by logging into myWM and clicking the Banner icon in the top left corner.  For additional information please visit: http://www.wm.edu/offices/hr/currentemployees/webtimesheet/index.php

Approving Timesheets

Human Resources has provided a reference guide for approving timesheets under Managers & Supervisors | William & Mary on their web page. To see the most common issues encountered when approving timesheets, and what you can do to address them, please see our Tips for Approving Timesheets.

Direct Deposit

All William and Mary (WM) employees, regardless of date of hire, salaried or wage status, shall participate in the WM Direct Deposit program for payroll disbursement.  

Employees must complete their banking information on the Employee tab in myWM (Banner Self Service) or via the Direct Deposit link. Directions for updating banking information in Self Service can be found here.  Changes to banking information may require two pay periods for pre-note purposes before taking effect.

Earning Statement Request

All active employees of CWM can review and print their earning statement (pay stub) by using Banner's Employee Self-Service (ESS).  You can access ESS by logging in to myWM and clicking the Banner icon.  Terminated employees may request a duplicate document by submitting an Earnings Statement Request form http://www.wm.edu/offices/financialoperations/documents/EarningsStatementRequest.pdf via the Forms link on the Payroll website. Printing of these statements may take 5-7 business days depending upon the payroll schedule.