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Manual Timesheets and Manual Payroll Checks

The Fair Labor Standards Act requires employers to keep certain time and pay records for non-exempt employees. These employees are eligible for the overtime provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act and must complete time sheets to track all hours worked.

Most employees at the William & Mary are expected to submit their timesheets online using Banner's Employee Self-Service (ESS). Employees use ESS to complete timesheets and check benefits and leave balances. You can access ESS by logging in to myWM and clicking the Banner icon in the top right corner.

Manual Timesheets

All employees and their supervisors are responsible to ensure that timesheets are approved in Self-Service no later than the established due dates in order to be paid in a timely manner. 

Timesheets that are not received in time to process with the current payroll run, will be included with the next regularly scheduled payroll processing.

If time is not entered on or before the published deadline, the hours cannot be uploaded into the current pay cycle in Banner.  If the electronic time record was not uploaded and paid with the current pay cycle, the following procedures should be followed:

  1.  The employee will complete paper timesheet, which can be found under Payroll Forms on our website:  []
  2.  The supervisor will complete the supervisor section and sign the late timesheet, noting a brief explanation of why the time was not processed electronically.
    • The Supervisor must send the original manual timesheet directly to the Payroll Department for processing.
    • The Payroll Department will not accept manual timesheets from employees (to include student employees).
    • The Payroll Department will process the manual timesheet in the next payroll cycle.
Manual Check Request

Manual check requests are to be used for those individuals who will suffer financial hardship if not paid, otherwise they will receive back-pay in the next payroll cycle.  The payroll office reserves the right to approve a manual check.

If a manual check has been approved by the Payroll Office the manual check will be issued on or about 5 to 7 days after the payday.  A manual check will only be processed due to an administrative error.

Administrative errors do not include the following:

  1. Department missed published HR/Payroll Deadlines for paperwork submission
  2. Late Submission of Time Sheets by the Employee
  3. Incorrect leave usage
  4. Additional hours not reported on original timesheet

If a manual check is to be requested by the department; the department must complete a manual check request form providing the reason for the manual request.  Department head must authorize the manual check request.

The following must be in place before a Manual Check will be processed:

  1. Employment Record must be in the Banner system, free of any errors or missing data.
  2. The Manual Check request form must be filled out and proper signatures obtained.
  3. Back up documentation (manual timesheet) must be attached to the request as to why this person was not paid on the original payroll run.
  4. Payroll will call the department when checks are ready to be picked up, as Direct Deposit is not available for manual checks.
  5. There is a minimum requirement of 32 hours on the manual timesheet for a manual check.
  6. Manual check requests that do not fall under these guidelines will be processed as a back-pay on the next semi-monthly payroll cycle.