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Overpayments Collection

Overpayments Collection

If an employee has been overpaid by W&M, the overpayment is a legal debt and must be repaid in full. It is the policy of the Payroll Department to initiate recovery efforts on all payroll overpayments as soon as the discrepancy is detected. Departments should not initiate collection.

When a department or employee determines that an overpayment has occurred, if the error is a result of incorrect data in the system (pay rate, position end date, etc.) the department or employee must notify the Human Resources Office in writing.  For overpayments that are a result of a timesheet error, please contact the [[payofc,Payroll Office]] directly.  Details must include the date the issue was discovered, the period of overpayment, the amount and type of overpayment (i.e. Regular wages, bonus, goal pay, etc.) and the reason for overpayment.

It is the intention of the Payroll Department to work amicably with the affected employee, while acting responsibly in administering state regulations, to affect an orderly return of all excess payments to W&M without causing undue financial hardship to the employee.

Overpayments Q&As

  1. Do I have pay back the taxes that were deducted from my overpayment? If your overpayment was made in the same calendar year, generally, only the net amount of the overpayment must be repaid to the university.
  2. How long do I have to pay back the overpayment? Commonwealth Accounting Policies and Procedures (CAPP) Topic No. 50510, mandate that the repayment of overpayments must occur over the same period of time that the overpayment occurred. For example, an overpayment that happened in one pay period must be repaid in one pay period.
  3. Will my W-2 be correct at the end of the year? I don’t have to pay taxes on money I didn’t really earn, do I? Payroll corrections made prior to the end of the calendar year will ensure that your W-2 is correct. For overpayments that occurred in a previous calendar year, a corrected W-2 (W-2C) may be required. The Payroll Office will advise you of when a W-2C will need to be issued.
  4. What if my overpayment happened in a previous calendar year? An overpayment that occurred in a previous calendar year is considered taxable income in the year it was paid, and remains taxable for Federal and State purposes, and will be included in Boxes 1 and 16 of your W-2 for that year. You will be responsible for paying back the gross amount of the overpayment minus any Social Security and Medicare taxes that were deducted.
  5. Who can I speak with if I have a question about the overpayment amount? Generally, the gross amount of the overpayment is calculated in the Human Resource Office and you can contact your HR Team for those questions. If you have a question concerning the net amount due, how it was calculated or how it will be repaid, please contact the Payroll Office.
  6. How do I pay back the overpaid funds? Overpayments are normally processed as payroll deductions, however, you may pay by personal check if you wish. Please contact the Payroll Office if you wish to elect to pay by check.
  7. Who do I contact if I think there is an error in my paycheck? Your first point of contact should always be your supervisor. If they are unable to provide guidance, you may contact Human Resources for questions concerning benefits, or the Payroll Office for questions concerning over-time, deductions other than benefits, or taxes.