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Out of State Hiring

The university recognizes the occasional need to hire or reassign an employee who will, due to the nature of a particular position or business need, reside and perform his/her work outside of the Commonwealth of Virginia. University employees are subject to all employment-related laws of the state or country in which they work, requiring the university to comply with these additional laws and to meet additional insurance and payroll requirements.  As a result, the university reserves the right to determine in advance whether an employee’s principal work location may be outside of Virginia, defined as in another state or another country.  The University has published an Out of State Employees Hiring Policy to provide guidance.

In accordance with this policy you must request approval for your hire by completing the Out of State Employee Approval Form:   Out of State request form. This requests allows HR, Payroll and Tax Compliance to know in advance of the business unit’s need to do any of the following:

  1. Hire or relocate an employee outside of Virginia
  2. Assign an employee to work in a state other than Virginia for more than 3 months
  3. Assign an employee to work temporarily in another country, when it would not be considered travel status**

Departments must be aware that Federal and State employment regulations apply to all employees, to include students, both US citizens and foreign nationals. As such, please keep in mind that all requests from departments for students to work remotely (outside of Virginia) must be submitted for review and approval via the Out of State Employee Approval Form. All employees must possess a valid SSN and all standard hiring practices must be followed to include the I-9 verification.  No exceptions have been made by Federal or State agencies regarding employment regulations during COVID-19, as a result the university must comply with existing policies or procedures. Students who are not currently in the US may not work remotely, regardless of citizenship or visa status unless hired directly through our vendor, Velocity Global.

We have contracted with Velocity Global to advise us on situations involving employees working out of the country.  In situations where the employee would be subject to the employment laws of that country, Velocity will handle payroll, benefits and insurance for that employee in accordance with that country’s regulatory compliance. 

Fee Structure for using Velocity:

Set Up:

$2,000 per employee with a minimum of a $5,000 per country.  The setup fee is attributed and applied to compliance, on-boarding, drafting a compliant employment contract, setting employee up on all social systems, setting up on payroll, if they need any benefits above the statutory benefits, etc.

Monthly Service Fee:

18% of total compensation which includes salary, commissions, bonus, mandatory employer contribution (Burden-for social programs) and any supplemental benefits, if any with an estimated minimum of around $1,250.  Additionally, there will be an FX charge of 3% and a wire fee of $45 per country.

Training Presentation for Out of State Hiring: Out of State Training Power Point Presentation