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Lost or Expired Pay Checks

Lost Paychecks

If you can’t find a payroll check, or your check has been damaged or destroyed in some way, you should contact the Payroll Office as soon as possible. The payroll office will work with the Disbursement Office to re-issue you a check. The check re-issue may take 5 to 7 business days depending on the payroll schedule. Payroll checks can be reissued no sooner than 7 days after the date of the original check.

Expired Paychecks

The Payroll Office monitors checks that have been issued, but not presented for payment. If you find a payroll check that has not been cashed within 180 days of the issue date, you must notify the Payroll Office.

When the Payroll Office receives a check that is older than 180 days of the issue date, it will be verified that the check had not been previously replaced and is indeed due to the employee. Once verified, the Payroll Office will generate a replacement check as soon as possible. The check re-issue may take 5 to 7 business days depending on the payroll schedule.

Requesting a Replacement Check

If you have a lost or expired payroll check and need to request a replacement, please refer to the Stop Payment Procedure guidance found on the Disbursements web page. You will find a link to the Payroll Checks Stop Payment Form, as well as helpful information. Current employees must have an active direct deposit for a replacement check to be issued.

Unclaimed Property Paychecks

CWM is required by state regulations to send one year and older unclaimed paycheck records and amounts to the Department of Treasury [].

These unclaimed payroll checks are turned over to the Commonwealth of Virginia by November 1st each year. Payroll makes several attempts to notify employees of unclaimed checks before submitting to the Department of Treasury. It is the employee's responsibility to keep his/her address up to date and communicate to the Payroll Office to receive unclaimed paychecks. Employees who have not claimed their checks during the timeframe described above may contact the following website for assistance: [].