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Tribe Ventures Accelerator

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What is it?

Tribe Ventures gives William & Mary students beyond the idea stage a fully immersive
experience in entrepreneurship. Tribe Ventures is a two-semester acceleration
program that builds on the existing traction of W&M student-led ventures of all types.
Moreover, Tribe Ventures is a highly competitive program that comes with a $1,000
stipend, hot desk workspace, and startup assistance from experienced

Benefits and Expected Outcomes
Tribe Ventures isn’t just a cool space to work on your side hustle. The added benefits
to your teams include:
  • Ability to have one-on-one conversations with highly experienced and skilled
    experts in entrepreneurship, public speaking, marketing, franchising, product
    development and many other expertises
  • Space to work alongside and learn with other Tribe Ventures and Launchpad
  • Access to a network and programs to help you reach customers
Based on the activities of Tribe Ventures, some of the expected outcomes include:
  • Learning and applying skills that embody entrepreneurial thinking
  • Applications to funding opportunities
  • New products/processes/services that benefit society
  • Student-owned companies
  • Student inventions
How does it work?

Tribe Ventures starts with an application. Ventures will be selected based on the
following primary selection criteria:

  • Evidence of prior progress and/or traction (Tribe Ventures is not the right fit for
    idea-stage ventures - we have Rocket Connection and Rocket Pitch for that.)
    • Progress might be customer interviews, prototype development, or
      maybe even revenue
  • Articulation of a clear and compelling business model
  • Strength of the team

Tribe Ventures dedicate 10 hours per week to activities which support
entrepreneurial thinking applied to their product/service/process idea. These activities
may include:

  • Mentor Office Hours - meeting with a wide variety of experts to hone their
    business model and strategy
  • Customer Discovery - talking to customers to gain insights into the viability of
    their business model
  • Team meetings - working on their venture
  • Cohort meetings - Tribe Ventures meetings with Hub entrepreneurs
  • Venture Showcase - preparing for and presenting their Tribe Ventures at the
    Hub’s annual showcase of entrepreneurs
Have questions about the program? Contact Us.