Steering Committee

Members of the 2018 Steering Committee:

Michael R. Halleran, Provost, co-chair

Henry R. Broaddus, Vice President Strategic Initiatives, co-chair

Courtney M. Carpenter, Associate Provost and CIO

Kate Conley, Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences

William E. Cooke, Professor of Physics

Davison M. Douglas, Dean of the School of Law

Jacquelyn Ferree, Associate Dean for Administration, Mason School of Business

Victoria Foster, Professor, School of Education

James Golden, Senior Counselor to the President

Samuel E. Jones, Senior Vice President for Finance and Administration

Sami Tewolde, Undergraduate student

John T. Wells, Dean and Director, VIMS

Larry Leemis, Professor of Mathematics

Sara (Sallie) Marchello, Associate Provost and University Registrar

Amy Sebring, Chief Financial Officer

H. Thomas Watkins III, Board of Visitors