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About the Honor Councils

Students administer the Honor System through a system of six Honor Councils.

Each governing body overseeing the councils determines the manner for selecting its members. Members are trained and advised by Community Values & Restorative Practices; however, the Councils are student-run--students determine whether sufficient information exists to forward the matter for a Panel proceeding, and students determine violations and issue sanctions.

Learn more about the role of the Honor Councils.

Undergraduate Honor Council

The Undergraduate Honor Council is elected through a university-wide election each February. Our election is unique because the candidates are selected without the use of campaigning. The members are elected by their peers based on their reputations as student and campus leaders as well as being honorable members of the William & Mary community.

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2022-23 Council Members

Executive Board
Julia Butler, Co-Chair
Shiyanna McLeod, Co-Chair

Nihal (Neil) Patel, Assistant Chair of Administration

Class of 2023
Julia Ashworth
Julia Butler
Ethan Hackett
Helen Heaton

Shiyanna McLeod
Samuel Specht

Class of 2024
Sebastian Druck
Daly Martorano
Nihal Patel
Soleil Garnett

Kia Morawetz

Class of 2025
Kelsey Atkins
Michael Godek
Kyurhee Kim
Kate Kliment
Darie Levermore
Samuel Pasman

Adrianne Sugden

Contact the Undergraduate Honor Council

To contact the Honor Council, please email the Council's email account

Undergraduate Honor Council Bylaws (pdf)

Contact Information:

Office Location: Sadler Center 394
Phone: (757) 221-2509 (Community Values & Restorative Practices)
Email: [[e|honorcouncil]] 
Fax (Please label all documents "Honor Council"): 757-221-2538

Submit a question or comment to the Honor Council
Arts and Sciences Council

 Joseph Lawless (American Studies)

Chandler Fitzsimons
Erna Handersson
Camden Keillher
Emma Merrill
Jennifer Ross
Elizabeth Runci
Khanh Vo
Madeline Williams
Sara Woodbury

Graduate Business Honor Council

Ashley Deans 
Rachel Neller 
Joseph Keese 
Stephanie Tabash
Ruba Qadi 
Chandler Julien 
Charly Pilz 
Melody Roy
Nichelle Stone
Anup Ranjan
Christian Giles
Megan Brunick

Mason Business Honor Council Bylaws

Contact us at

School of Education Honor Council

Pat Githens, Chair
Melissa Allen, Vice Chair

Parker Mercer
Sarah Klemmer
Maddie Saul
Alisha Ciunci
Ben Benabise
Sharice Adkins
Lavare Henry
Kelly Holdcraft
Yaa Akinfolajimi

Contact us at


Governing Body: Graduate Education Association
Law School Honor Council

Zois Manaris (3L), Chair
Maheen Nadeem (3L), Deputy Chair
Gray Whitsett (2L), Secretary

2022-2023 Members
3L Memmbers

Associate Chairs
Amanda Stevenson
Erik Askea
Maxfield Daley
Daniel Davies
Nancy Rosen

Assistant Chairs
Lauryn Hardy

2L Members

Associate Chairs
Catherine Wertz
Katrina Umstead
Helen Tariku
Margaret Dupree
Munseong Park

Assistant Chairs
Boaz Campbell
Madison Albrecht

1L Members

Associate Chairs
Caitlin Kwalwasser
Delaney Wood
Hayden Smith
Sarah McGovern
Scott Harris
William Crouch

For more information, please see the Law School Honor Council's webpage.

Marine Science Honor Council

Chair: Derek Detweiler, [[v|djdetweiler]]

2020-2021 Members
Lydia Bienlien
Jack Conroy
Meredith Evans
Sam Fortin
Annie Schatz
Justin Shawler
Stephanie Wilson
Serina Wittyngham