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Time Management: Invest in Yourself

How do you want to use your time? 

You have spent the majority of your educational years on a schedule that someone else created. Think about it; your meals, class schedule, co-curricular activities, bed times, work hours, and weekends were all structured by teachers, family, coaches, employers, and other people. Now you are in college where no one controls your time except you! 

Think about time management as a form of investing in yourself. Take the time to really think about how you want your time to be structured. When do you feel most productive? When do you want to eat breakfast? What activity do you spend the most amount of time doing? What activity do you spend the least amount of time doing? What needs to be in place for you to be successful? 

Check out the tools we have collected for you below to start structuring your time! 

Free Time-Management Consultations

Ready to learn how to schedule for success? Not sure where to start or want help along the way? Sign up for a free, one-hour session in the TutorZone with one of our friendly Time-Management consultants who will help you get organized. 

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Time-Management Tools

Video: How to book a tutoring appointment or time management consultation

VIdeo: How to create a schedule

Video: How to use a time assessment tool

      Time-Management Apps