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Faculty Information

Working together to support students.

We offer these brief summaries of topics related to student success for professors at William & Mary. More extensive information about Student Accessibility Services and Community Values & Restorative Practices is also recommended for our faculty partners.

Academic Struggles

Faculty members often talk with students who are concerned about their academic performance. You should be aware, though, that our office has professional staff members who work with students on developing effective study skills, habits, and strategies. Consider referring students who you identify as needing additional academic assistance.

Disruptive Behavior

According to the Student Handbook, disruptive behavior is "conduct which obstructs or disrupts a normal function" of the university. If a student is disrupting your class to the point that you find it difficult to teach or students are finding it difficult to learn, we encourage you to address the student's conduct.

You should be able to handle most inappropriate behaviors at the time of the disruption. However, some may require consultation, a student conduct referral, or immediate emergency response. To learn more please read our recommendations for managing and responding to disruptive behavior in the classroom.

Illnesses/Unusual Circumstances

Class attendance policies are set by individual faculty. In rare occasions, when extenuating circumstances occur that cause students to miss class, assignments, exams, etc. Students can utilize the Student Emergency Notification Policy.

For absences related to illnesses that do not require hospitalization, the Dean of Students Office does not severity provide faculty official notice. Instructors are empowered to determine whether they wish to provide the student consideration with respect to missed assignments or examinations. Please consult the applicable academic Deans office with any questions regarding this policy and your options.

Honor Code Violations

It is the responsibility of each W&M student to uphold the Honor Code. If an honor system is to be effective, students and all university community members must report suspected violations of the Honor Code by students. Please refer to the Resources for Faculty section for more about the Honor Code.

Parental Release (Undergraduate)

You must have permission from the student before you can release any information to their parents or legal guardians. Students may give general permission to release information about academics, financial matters, or honor code/student conduct information.

Please utilize Passphrase or call our office to learn how to navigate working with parents before you discuss information concerning a student's academic performance including grades, notification of academic warning, academic probation, required academic withdrawal, or conduct/honor code related issues.

Rescheduled/Deferred Exams (Undergraduate)

The Office of Undergraduate Academic Affairs has an exam rescheduling procedure.

The Dean of Students Office manages the rescheduling or deferring exam process during final exam periods. We reschedule/defer exams for the following reasons:

  1. Medical circumstances (physical and psychological) verified by a healthcare professional
  2. International student travel complications without alternatives
  3. Family emergency, such as death of a close family member
  4. Conflict with a religious holiday/service
  5. Interview or training for a permanent job that cannot be rescheduled
  6. Interview for graduate or professional school
  7. Activities at which the student is formally representing the university

You may receive a letter or email from the Dean of Students Office confirming that a student is dealing with significant issues at the time. Generally, we will not be able to provide you complete information due to the student's desire for privacy, but we invite you to communicate with us if you know of any other circumstances affecting the student's academic success.