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Global Scholars Program FAQ

Here are a few of the most frequently asked questions about the Global Scholars Program. 

When are applications due?

Applications typically open in early February and are due in mid-March. 

Do I have to apply to one of the two cohorts specifically?

Yes. When applying, you must select either the Global Policy or the U.S.-China Strategic Competition cohort. 

Can I de-couple pieces of the program i.e. only do the study abroad piece, the internship piece, etc.?

No. The Global Scholars Program is a year-long program which runs from the beginning of the Fall semester until the end of the following Summer semester, and each component of the program is tailor made for the Global Scholars cohorts and is essential to the mission of the program. You must complete every component of the program in order to be considered an alumnus of the Global Scholars.

Does GSP fulfill any COLL requirements?

Yes. Since the Global Scholars Program involves a study abroad component, students' COLL 300 requirement should be fulfilled. 

Do I get to choose my mentors?

Sort of! Program administrators will ask students for preferences such as professional sector, major, or identities held to get an idea of what students want in a mentor. From there, administrators will pair students with one junior and one senior mentor using the information students give. 

Will the GSP administration place me in my internship?

No. GSP administrators do not place students in internships. Rather, they work hard to give personalized guidance to each student to assist them with finding an internship that suits their interests and skills. Administrators provide one-on-one recommendations and resume feedback to give each Global Scholar the best chance to secure an exciting internship. Students are still responsible for seeking out internship listings and submitting applications on time. 

How much does it cost to participate?

Annual costs for GSP vary, but can be found here

Is there scholarship funding to participate in GSP?

Yes. The W&M Washington Center, the Reves Center, and the Global Research Institute are committed to making the Global Scholars Program accessible to as many W&M students as possible. With that in mind, all three of those units do their best to secure funding for students who are high need and students who are working unpaid/underpaid internships. 

If I decide to drop, can I get my payments refunded?

No. Once made, payments are final and non-refundable. Please review the program costs carefully before applying. 

Still have questions? Reach out to either Erin Battle (  or Kelly Houck (