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DC Hybrid Course Outcome Report

Three Summer 2018 courses provide a model for a successful online learning experience

A partnership with the W&M Washington Center and office of the University eLearning Initiatives (eLi) created three new, hybrid courses for the university’s 2018 Summer Session. In surveys about the courses, participating students and faculty reported an extremely positive experience and students said the affiliated COLL designation appeared to enrich the courses’ perceived value.  

The lessons the Washington Center staff learned in administering this first year of hybrid courses might benefit faculty and administrators on campus seeking to introduce hybrid courses in future summers.


  • The revision of the DC Summer Session opportunity in 2018, substituting traditional face-to-face lecture courses with hybrid courses, appeared to solve the DC Summer Session’s enrollment problems from 2016 and 2017. The courses greatly improved in course enrollment and tuition income and greatly reduced associated expenses. 
  • Students and faculty were extremely enthusiastic about nearly every aspect of the experience, most notably the in-person class meetings in the Washington Center.  
  • A large majority of students reported learning more or about the same in their courses as in face-to-face courses and said they believed the courses had a great deal of rigor. 
  • COLL attributes appeared to be a primary driver for students to enroll in the courses.

test Income vs Expense

There are opportunities to improve the courses – which we’ll do in 2019!
  • In future summers, we hope to increase the participation by students with diverse backgrounds.
  • University eLi has already streamlined the course development process
  • The course delivery technology could be better introduced and supported for faculty and students. 
Find a full report of findings and related survey results below:


2018 Findings (pdf) 2018 graphics (pdf)