Washington is Waiting for You!

Experience a distinct online learning experience in DC in summer 2020!

William & Mary Study in DC opportunities combine academic rigor and real world experience. DC Summer session allows students to earn 3 W&M credits through a 5-week online course complete with expert D.C.-based speakers. The flexibility of this course model allows students to take the online classwork from anywhere!  Please note, in summer 2020, the courses will be offered entirely online. 

As a student in DC Summer Session, you will:

  • Earn W&M credit through online classes
  • Have the opportunity to complete COLL 300 requirements
  • Connect with DC-area alums through online discussions and an evening online networking event

If you're interested in an opportunity offered during the school year, check out the DC Semester Program and DC Winter Seminars. For a more intensive summer experience paired with an internship, the DC Summer Institutes may be for you.