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Anushka Annonti '20

Art & Advocacy


I’ve always been a creative spirit, and during my time at W&M I truly found my voice as an artist. My work consists of a lot of feminist and racial motifs to portray the importance of the liberation of systemically oppressed groups. I fine-tuned my skills working at the Charles Reeder Media Center, which became a space for me to build a supportive artistic environment with my fellow creative coworkers. My art can be found on album covers of local W&M musicians, promoting events like Astral Fashion Show and Global Film Festival, and on banners during New Student Orientation. I’ve displayed my skills as an illustrator and graphic designer as an Intern at the Raymond A Mason School of Business marketing team, along with summers in D.C. with marketing and digital media internships. My art serves as an outlet both personally and professionally to bring creativity to every aspect of my life.

As a woman of color and naturalized citizen, I have first-hand experience in working within diverse communities to advocate for their rights. Throughout my college career, I’ve dedicated my time to creating inclusive spaces. It’s incredibly important to create platforms for minority groups to speak up against injustices and advocate for racial and socio-economic equity on college campuses and beyond. In my studies, I’ve learned the foundations of Government and how it intersects with social justice movements to contextualize the struggles of minority groups within an oppressive system. With my education and lived experience, I work to be an advocate by listening to those whose voices need to be amplified and speaking up for those who cannot speak up for themselves. I hope to dedicate my post-grad life to working towards overcoming systemic injustice.