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Considering Graduate School 

There are many reasons why an undergraduate student would begin to think about further schooling: 

  • They are part of a pre-professional program already that requires additional schooling (law, medical, etc.)
  • They met a professor/took a class which ignited an academic or research interest that they want to pursue further
  • They entered their undergraduate program with the intent to eventually go on to a graduate program
  • They have just now decided that graduate studies are an option 
  • ... as well as many others!
Factors to Consider

As you are making your decision, think of the following:

  • The commitment: Depending on your choice of study, earning your graduate degree can take anywhere from 1 to 8 years. 
  • The cost: Many college graduates have debt to repay from earning their undergraduate degree. Attending graduate school could mean incurring more loans and debt.
  • The location: If you decide not to earn your degree online, oftentimes it will involve you moving to another town, state, or country. Before you submit your application, ask yourself if living in that area will suit your needs.
  • The timing: While some people plan to attend graduate school directly after earning their undergraduate degree, some programs actually discourage it. For MBA programs, the average matriculation age is 27. Many applicants have at least 2-5 years of professional work experience prior to entering a graduate business program. In fact, admissions committees consider professional experience a strength rather than a weakness.


{{youtube:medium:center|QrYBWUlW9mM,Learn about assessing the graduate school decision, strategies for researching programs, and application elements and timeline.}}