Licensing & Trademark Administration

Application Information

The William & Mary Licensing Office operates to promote and protect the marks of the College, while generating revenue from the sale of products bearing the William and Mary name and marks. Vendors and individuals wishing to use these marks are required to enter into a nonexclusive license agreement with the College. Licensing agreements are issued for a two year period; renewals are issued if the company has complied with all items in the original agreement, including artwork approval and timely submission of royalty reports and payments.

Assistance is given to campus departments and student organizations that wish to have items produced for fundraising purposes, uniforms, etc.  These groups and organizations should contact the Licensing Office to ensure that the vendor they wish to use is a licensed vendor or to receive information for that vendor to become licensed.

The application process consists of completing a Licensing Application and forwarding it to the Licensing Office along with a $125 administrative fee.  Once the application is received, a Standard License Agreement  will need to be signed before camera ready artwork and product labeling information will be forwarded. 

The College requires the ® designation on all registered marks, an 8% royalty rate applies to all products.  All artwork must be submitted to the Licensing Office for approval prior to production.  The licensing agreement outlines all requirements for licensees in detail and should be read carefully upon receipt.

Any questions regarding our program should be directed to the Licensing Office at [[licensing]].