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Licensing & Trademark Administration

William & Mary Licensing Administration, in partnership with CLC, operates to promote and protect the marks of the university. 

William & Mary marks are displays of registered symbols, insignia, or other identifying marks such as the University’s name, abbreviation, symbols, emblems, logos, mascot, slogans, official insignia, uniforms, landmarks or songs owned by William & Mary. The unauthorized use of such material is a trademark infringement. Any production, display, or sale of unauthorized products or services is a violation of the Federal Landham Trademark Act of 1946, the Federal Trademark Act of 1984, and the Commonwealth of Virginia’s infringement and unfair competition laws, among others. Such violations are subject to liability for damages, injunctive relief, attorney fees, and other penalties, civil and criminal.

Become a Vendor

Vendors wishing to use the William & Mary mark or likeness are required to enter into a nonexclusive license agreement with CLC. Agreements are issued for a one-year period; renewals are issued if the company has complied with all items in the original agreement, including artwork approval and timely submission of royalty reports and payments.

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