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Freshmen profiles: a preview of the class of 2022

  • Freshman year:
    Freshman year:  A 2017 freshman dorm bulletin board advises new students. Freshmen students will bring a variety of talents and interests from far and wide when they arrive on the William & Mary campus Friday; read about a few of them in our freshmen profiles.  Photo by Stephen Salpukas
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Gabrielle Bozeman

Unique about me: I am the founder and president of the Empowering Black Women club at my high school. I had a hand in drafting an amendment to the county’s school code of conduct that would allow for cultural headdress.

bozeman-content.jpgHometown: Spotsylvania, Virginia.

Why William & Mary: I chose William & Mary because of the amazing opportunities it has for me to have a fulfilling college experience and for the community here.

You should also know: I am going to contribute to the Tribe in a positive way while I'm here. I plan to actively look for ways to help others around me, as well as those who will come after me.

Katie English

Unique about me: I’m the creator of "Color me Sheboygan," a coloring book that features attractions in the Sheboygan, Wisconsin area. Sales of more than 11,000 books are funding my newest venture to create a community mural and develop programs at the Sheboygan Children's Museum.

Hometown: Sheboygan, Wisconsin.

Why William & Mary:  I first visited William & Mary as a seventh grader with my grandparents, and I absolutely fell in love with William & Mary that day.

You should also know: I use coloring books as a form of advocacy for topics that I care about, including children’s education and Alzheimer’s research.


Catherine Jones

Unique about me: I’m founder and president of my high school's Microfinance Club, which has loaned more than $11,000 to 350 women in 65 developing nations, empowering women and managing finances.

Hometown: Charlottesville, Virginia.

Why William & Mary: I chose William & Mary for its academic rigor and the great sense of community I felt while visiting campus.

You should also know: I love playing guitar.


Madison Lee

Unique about me: I formed a free speech group to defend teachers who were suspended by the school board for allowing student expression and teaching diverse viewpoints.

Hometown: Mechanicsville, Virginia.

Why William & Mary: It seems like a supportive community that offers an academic challenge, as well as incredible opportunities outside of the classroom.

You should also know: I'm pretty much always outside, whether it’s climbing up a waterfall, horseback riding or just reading on the deck.


Sam Sluslavich

Unique about me: I’m a certified private pilot and working to receive multi-engine certification as well as a certified advanced open water diver, a cavern diver and an enriched air diver.

Hometown: Ennis, Montana. 

Why William & Mary: It had the right blend of academic rigor and relaxed social life.

You should also know: I have been involved in dramatic theater for the past few years, and enjoy the works of William Shakespeare both from a theatrical and literary standpoint.


Kirsten Sweigart

Unique about me: I’m an Irish Dance World Championships qualifier living in Oman and originally from Harrisonburg, Virginia.

Hometown: Muscat, Oman.

Why William & Mary: I believe that it provides all the specific non-academic pursuits I am looking to continue throughout college while still offering rigorous academics.

You should also know: I wrote my admissions essay about my nose and somehow they still accepted me.